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Reactify - Facebook Reactions

Reactify implements native Facebook reactions on your website, making your content engageable, Facebook friendly, shareable, interactive, immersive, accessible and more fun for your audience.


Feature-rich and Customizable Facebook Reactions in Wordpress

Give you users an option to express their reaction on your content in the Facebook way by simply activating Reactify. It will implement native Facebook reactions with additional customizable options on your website, making your content engageable, shareable and interactive.


Why Reactify?

  • 1. Native Facebook Reactions

    Reactify implements native Facebook reactions on your website so your users will already be familiar with your reaction system, helping you to build the trust with your customers to boost their engagement and make your website more integrated into social networks.

  • 2. Fully Customizable

    All reactions are fully customizable, meaning you will have full control over colors, title, names, etc. You can also remove particular reaction from the reactions list. You can even control their animations and easily enable/disable reactions counter from the plugin settings.

  • 3. Most Advanced Reactions Plugin

    Facebook reactions provided by Reactify are the most advanced, stable, Facebook friendly and feature-rich reactions system WordPress plugin you can find on the market. Reactify is using modern web APIs and latest technologies in implementing reactions, ensuring the best possible performance and compatibility.

  • 4. Mobile & Touch Supported

    Reactions are fully responsive so they will scale and look good on any device, including popular mobile devices. On touch devices users will be able to slide their fingers to choose the desired reaction from the reactions list just like on Facebook.

  • 5. Built-in Analytics & Support

    Reactify's amazing admin panel provides built-in analytics, statuses, warnings and notices which you can see on Overview tab. It also includes support section with FAQ and integrated support ticket system in case you'll need any help. We understand all the importance of product support for our customers. That’s why we are ready to solve all your issues and answer any questions related to our plugin.

Add Facebook reactions to your WordPress website now!